False deadlines

There is something so beautiful and yet so bleak about a runway.

 There is something so beautiful and yet so bleak about a runway.

There is something so beautiful and yet so bleak about a runway.

If you just look at it, it appears to go nowhere.

It looks like it just dead ends in nothingness.

It doesn't look like it has a great destination just an abrupt end.

And yet at the end of that dead end runway

Flight begins...

Some situations in our lives that look like dead ends...

...are really just runways where flight begins.


Isaiah 40:31

But YOU who wait on the Lord

Shall renew YOUR strength;

YOU WILL mount up with wings like eagles,

YOU WILL run and not be weary,

YOU WILL walk and not faint.

And I also want to repeat these words...


the dead end runway is just an opportunity to fly

How many false deadlines destroy hope?
If it doesn't happen this year...If it hasn't happened by now...
When will I ever have a child?When will I ever get married?When will I ever fall in love?When will I ever get that job?When will I ever write that book?When will I ever find out what I'm called to do?When will I ever lose that weight?When will I ever get rid of that habit?When will I ever manifest that healing?When will I ever see my spouse serve God?When will I ever write that song?When will I ever pay off the debts?When will I ever get that promotion?When will I ever see my child return to Jesus?
Don't allow the passage of time to destroy the hope of the promise
You have a God that CANNOT LIE
His promise to you WILL NOT FAIL
Maybe you have some things in your life that you thought should have already happened by now
But don't lose hopeDon't stop believing
It doesn't end like this
And don't let false deadlines that don't exist destroy hope
Don't let the enemy mock you with the passage of time
He's been lying to people for a long time
To David he said "you will never be king"
To Abraham and Sarah he said "you will never have a child"
To Gideon he said "you will never be strong enough"
To Moses he said "you will never deliver your people from slavery"
To Ruth he said "you will never find a husband"
To Peter he said "you will never be a leader you denied Jesus three time"
You are right on time
And your season of promise is coming
David became a kingAbraham and Sarah had a sonGideon became strongRuth fell in lovePeter became the leader of the early church
Whatever the enemy is saying to you
I promise you
It's a lie
Jesus has already prepared everything for you
And he is standing in your future with a big bright smile, so excited for you to finally see what he has been keeping just for you
Just like Christmas morning
Everything is ready to surprise and delight you
But disregard the false deadlines
They are lies
You are right on time and your future is bright
Jeremiah 29:11For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.

Trying to be "worthy" of blessing is like trying to empty the ocean with a spoon

Trying to be "worthy" of blessing is like trying to empty the ocean with a spoon, you can feverishly work on it your entire life but you will never even scratch the surface.


Let's give up on being worthy in our own strength and LET God bless us based on the cross.




All the promises in him are YES and in him AMEN



Please ENJOY an unmerited favor

One that we did not earn and we do not deserve

Watch and see if it doesn't birth the most beautiful thanksgiving in our hearts and our lives.




The Law of Liberty

The Law of Liberty

What I really want to take a look at is in James Chapter 1 because it talks about the law of liberty.  A lot of times we talk about understanding that we are no longer under the law.   And truly, we are no longer under the law. We are under grace, but then there are some other laws that are not like the laws of the Old Covenant and not like the Laws of Moses that God has instituted in the New Covenant and it’s the law of liberty, the law of faith, and the royal law of love. And so, faith, love and liberty – these are the new laws. These are not laws that are placed upon our shoulders.  These are laws that are written in our hearts by the Holy Spirit which give us a desire to believe, to love and to be free. 

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